Arts are medicine

Evaluation research carried out in association with Anglia Ruskin University and the London School of Economics which found that Arts on Prescription resulted in positive outcomes for 78% of participants in terms of self-reported improvement in levels of social isolation, anxiety, depression and wellbeing and is cost effective when compared to other therapies:

  • 61% reported a decrease in anxiety (GAD-7)
  • 67% reported a decrease in depression (PHQ-9)
  • 83% reported an increase in well-being over the course of the programme (WEMWBS).
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Music and memory

TED Talk by Dr Victoria Williamson
Published on May 10th 2013

Music psychologist Dr Victoria Williamson gives a fascinating account of the extraordinary power of musical memory, illustrated with the Tale Of Three – the Star, the Survivor and the Miscreant. Music resides deep within our minds across multiple systems, cleverly maximising its chance of survival, and outlined potential applications for our everyday feats of memory.

‘Your memory is more than just a mental store cupboard – it is the glue that holds you in the present moment.’

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