About us

Well Arty is a non-profit company that delivers creative arts based projects and workshops for the communities of Lancashire with an emphasis on wellbeing.

Well Arty provides expertise in singing, music, creative writing and drama, and has a database of artists from a variety of disciplines such as painting, film making, dance etc.

We believe creative activities are efficacious in many ways, whether utilised as a preventative technique for mental health difficulties, as a conduit for personal expression, catharsis and positive social interaction, or as a tool for public health education.

We aim to provide skilled artists who are experienced at working with people from all parts of society in ways that are sensitive to their needs.

We believe in an approach that has comfort and kindness at its heart, but that also encourages people to step out of their comfort zones to facilitate personal growth.

We are passionate about the arts and equally passionate about people.




  • It has been wonderful. I will never stop coming.
  • It felt strange at first, singing without music, but now I love it.
  • Stef is a fantastic lady. She has changed my life. She is a fantastic teacher. I met her at my dementia group in Bolton.
  • Could I please get more involved?
  • Getting very much out of it.
  • Your inspiration is great and you work so hard to get us to learn.
  • Definitely value for money.
  • On winter nights, after working full time, it is an effort to motivate myself. But 95% of the time I go home buzzing (and usually sleep better.)
  • Generally, I have found the parts quite easy to learn.
  • Good mix of songs. Something for everyone.
  • Hopes exceeded.
  • Very inclusive of everyone.



  • I feel I have an improved connection with myself and that is priceless for me.
  • It helps to express self in ways that don’t have to be ‘correct’.
  • I feel more part of the community and have volunteered for other projects as a result.
  • I love the creativity. It adds a depth of fulfillment that is wholesome and healthy to my life.
  • I am more relaxed in the company of strangers. My efforts in writing may have caused others to think positively.
  • I have enjoyed thinking and writing, I was unaware I was quite good at poetry.
  • I really feel positive about my involvement in the group, nice people and friendly atmosphere, kind group leader, very good feel-good factor.
  • The project is bringing people together doing something they enjoy and spending time together feeling useful and happy.
  • I feel welcomed and accepted, which is lovely because I do have a low self-esteem.
  • Have made new connections with people off the estate and developed new friendships within the group. Never written anything before attending the project.
  • Participating in the creation of the book I feel is a contribution to the wider community.
  • It would be good if it continued – it is a worthwhile project.
  • Yes, I feel more confident in speaking publicly.
  • Hearing the views of other people regarding things about which I have written has helped.
  • I feel the design of the project is excellent and should continue in its current format.
  • As a result of initially attending the project I have become involved in other community groups and have been elected Chair of the Community Project Group.
  • I think I was always ‘creative’ but over the years it was side-tracked and neglected. The group has re-opened my mind.
  • I am better at sharing my ideas.
  • Stef is very encouraging and creates a very nurturing environment to be in.
  • A deeper sense of friendship – it is a lifeline, and a major one at that.
  • Absolutely set fire to my creativity and it has helped me to cope with personal emotional situations in a more rational manner. I understand the different elements of constructing a story more than I did. I understand a lot better about creating characters and how to build interest into characters and stories. I also enjoyed team building sessions and absolutely love the therapeutic effects I feel out of creativity and connecting with others in a lovely group.
  • I feel anxious at times and when a session has got under way I am glad that I tried, contributed and shared up.
  • I like being involved with creative people who are open to others individual ideas and accept their ideas enthusiastically.
  • I like to think I am more open to others’ ideas and try to encourage those I meet in private or at work to be creative in whatever way feels right to them.
  • Project leadership is ace with a capital A. Stef is great, an inspiration and a wonderful project leader.